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Wooly Wednesday

It’s down right chilly out! yay!

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Handspun and Hand Dyed Merino Wool Silk  Bulky Yarn - Valentine

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Handpainted Thick Thin Worsted Wool Yarn w/ Twist in Ocean Tide

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Mystery Project

Hi there. I am working on a wee little surprise. I do love a good surprise, and you can check back in a few days to see what this has become.

It’s Noro Silk Garden Sock. And I am OBSESSED  with it. I have been a Noro devotee for a while, but this yarn takes the cake. I didn’t want to knit with it so I could just look at the yarn all the time. So, here’s the story. My mom and I love taking yarn-y field trips. Yeah, we’re kind of cool. When I was moving into my dorm room, it was the middle of January in Boston and it was freezing. The plan was to go to Webs, but Northampton is two hours away and there was a lot of snow, so we decided to stay close. Instead of Webs, we went Here, to Elissa’s Creative Warehouse, which was great. I spotted this yarn from across the store, I looked at it and it looked at me and it was love at first sight. We knew that we were meant to be together, and together we have stayed. This yarn is a temperamental mistress, but together we are making beautiful knitting.

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Books Galore

I am a lover of books. My ultimate dream is to have a house with a craft room and a library. I love everything about them. How they look, how they smell, how they feel in your hands, seeing one side grow and the other shrink as you get through a book. There’s nothing like the feel of a book. I especially love old books. For some reason I value them above new books. I think that it’s about the history. When you have a new book, you have the story, and that’s it. Old books are portals into the past. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but old books become more than just their story. The physical book becomes an artifact, and I get to imagine the hands that it’s passed through over the years, and the places that it’s seen. I also love buying used books and finding little notes or ticket stubs that people were using as bookmarks. When donating books I oftentimes leave nice notes hoping that it will make the next reader smile. Where did this desire come from to blather on about books? I was in the library today, and walking through the stacks I saw some beautiful old books that I just had to take pictures of.


Sea Foam Socks

Instead of finishing a paper like I’m supposed to, I spent today finishing a pair of socks that have taken forever. Knitting them didn’t take very long, but I ran out of yarn close to the end and didn’t know what to do. I was planning to buy more of that color, but I never got around to it. They languished with my UFOs for a long time, and I picked them back up recently in a kick to finish all of my UFOs. I had a different color of the same yarn, so I just made the toe out of that. These socks are a birthday present for a friend, and luckily I’m one month early, to the day. The pattern is Waving Lace Socks from Favorite Socks that’s edited by Ann Budd and Anne Merrow, and I have had it forever and love all of the patterns. This is the first one from the book that I’ve completed, and it was a blast to knit. The socks are knit out of Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette.

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Decorating My Dorm

At the end of last semester, I moved out of my dorm to a different room. My former roommate (who was also a close friend) and I had a huge falling out. It was messy and awful. I am not a very dramatic person, and I can honestly say that I’ve never ended a friendship with neither of us speaking to each other. It really sucks, and it was an incredibly traumatizing experience. Anyway, moving on to the point of this story. At the end of last semester, I moved from my double into a single in a different building. When I initially decorated my dorm, I did it with a lot of purpose and care. My freshman year, I’d bought a bunch of posters and really didn’t like them, so I made art for my room and found prints that I loved and really made my room home. When I moved to my new room, I hung some pictures, but other than that, I left the walls blank. I think that I was still processing things, and it just didn’t feel real or like this was home. Anyways, this has gone on for almost two months, and at some point I realized that it wasn’t going to feel like it was mine until I made it feel like it was mine. So last night, I covered one wall, and it feels so much better. I took some pictures, but they’re not very good. The light in my room sucks, but here it goes.

 Having a room that I like doesn’t make what happened last semester go away, but it does give me a fresh start.

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Here is a picture of the yarn for a project that I’m working on right now.

My school has an arts festival every spring called the Bernstein Festival of the Arts, and I’m creating a yarnbombing instillation for it!! The yarn is Knitpicks Brava Worsted, which is their new acrylic yarn. Usually, I’m a bit of a yarn snob and don’t like acrylic, but for the scale of this project, it was really necessary. I must say that for an acrylic yarn, it is pretty nice, and the colors are beautiful.

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