Mystery Project

Hi there. I am working on a wee little surprise. I do love a good surprise, and you can check back in a few days to see what this has become.

It’s Noro Silk Garden Sock. And I am OBSESSED  with it. I have been a Noro devotee for a while, but this yarn takes the cake. I didn’t want to knit with it so I could just look at the yarn all the time. So, here’s the story. My mom and I love taking yarn-y field trips. Yeah, we’re kind of cool. When I was moving into my dorm room, it was the middle of January in Boston and it was freezing. The plan was to go to Webs, but Northampton is two hours away and there was a lot of snow, so we decided to stay close. Instead of Webs, we went Here, to Elissa’s Creative Warehouse, which was great. I spotted this yarn from across the store, I looked at it and it looked at me and it was love at first sight. We knew that we were meant to be together, and together we have stayed. This yarn is a temperamental mistress, but together we are making beautiful knitting.

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