The Big Two-Oh

Okay, this post is coming in a little late, but it was a big day and I didn’t have a ton of time. So, today is my Birthday, and I am officially no longer a teenager, the big two-oh baby! Sorry for that little outburst. What can I say, I’m sorta excited. But, I don’t really have anything else exciting to report. So, I’ve decided to distract you with yarn (you will find that I do that often).

This is a bag that I knit over the summer. It’s from the Fall 2007 issue of Knit Simple (I love going back through magazines and picking out patterns from old issues). It was fun and pretty quick to knit.

Also, I’ve been thinking that, as a knitter, I should be ashamed of myself that I don’t have mittens (she says, as spring begins). I’m going to live in Boston for at least a few more years, so even if it’s not cold when I finish them, I really should knit some mittens. Here are a few options, tell me if you have an opinion.

London Eye Glittens (is anyone else wondering what a glitten is?)

Karismalapaset/Karisma mittens (say that five times fast)

Tatiana (I MUST have these. I will knit them eventually, but they’re a little involved for right now.)

Green Autumn (Druid Mittens)

And finally, a picture of me expressing how I feel about this birthday milestone:

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