Yarnbombing Update

(I have a confession. I wrote this post almost a week ago, but I haven’t taken any pictures of the project. The reason is that it looks ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors and it’s going to look amazing when finished, but it just looks stupid without a pole. It’s stockinette so it’s super roll-y (is that even a word?) and there are about 17 million ends sticking out. Not usually the way I like to present my knitting (have I talked before about my obsessive crafty perfection streak?) But, today something happened that was just too exciting to not post about.

Drumroll please (and excuse the bad pictures, my dorm is just not the place to take them but it’s the only full length mirror)

It’s officially taller than me!!!!!!) Okay, now back to the original post.

I talked before about doing a yarnbombing project here.

As much as I’d like to pretend otherwise, I have a huge deadline looming and it’s coming closer every day. The project has to be installed by April 26, and I think that it’s going to take at least a week to install it. That means that the knitting has to all be done by about April 20, which is in like 40 days.(less now) Oy vey. I did the math, and it means that I need to knit about 2.3 feet a day. That is a lot of knitting. But I’ve been able to pretty much knit that much in the last two days, so hopefully it will work out.

(Was that confusing? Sorry, my brain is a little jumbled with midterms this week. If I can manage to take better pics of the knitting, I might swap them out because these ones are really bugging me, but so is life.)


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