Birthday Gifts

(This post is a little late. But to be fair, the recipient needed to get it before I could talk about it, plus a few weeks for “editing.” yeah, that’s what we’ll call it.)

The funny thing about being a twin is that there’s another person who shares a birthday with you. Who woulda thunk? I wanted to share with you what I got/made Danielle for her Birthday.

  1. I made the red headband from this pattern and I was going to keep it for myself, but then I felt guilty (to be fair, it looked really cute on me, and I have a funky head, so it’s hard to find cute headbands). It was super quick and easy, but somehow I thought that her head was the size of an elephant because it was HUGE. I had to take it out and re-knit it.
  2. I knit the heart from my own pattern. (There will be more about it soon, so stay tuned!)
  3. I made the card (have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself/really excited about it)
  4. The tote is from Mystic Moose Creations, and I absolutely love it (I may have gotten the exact same thing for myself, and by may I mean that I definitely did)

So, that’s about it. A smattering of things, if you will.

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