Just to tell you beforehand, I had serious reservations about posting this. Oh, I’m kind of scared, but I’ll power through. Okay. And it’s super wordy. Sorry. I’m writing this because I just completed my first sculpture. Ever. And I’m really excited but nervous and obviously super insecure about it. Because I am not an artist in any way, shape, or form. I have always been crafty, but have really stayed away from fine art because the truth is I’m not that good at it. When I was signing up for classes for this semester, I wanted to take an art class but none of the beginner classes fit in with my schedule. A friend (who’s also a sculpture minor) said that we should take intermediate sculpture together. INTERMEDIATE. With no art experience. She said the teacher was amazing and it would be fine. So, I did it. And it’s been so intimidating. The people in my class are really good. They’re also really nice and encouraging.

In all other parts of my crafty life, I pretty much know what I’m doing. I know that I’m a good knitter. People might not like the patterns or colors that I choose, but technically, I have the skills to knit well. It’s kind of the same way with crafting. You might not like everything that I make but I know my way around a hot glue gun. But this is a whole new ballpark, and I feel like I’m completely out of my element. So, that’s my disclaimer. First I’ll show pictures and then I’ll blather on.

The deal with this sculpture is that we were given these little plants and told that we had to in some way incorporate them into a sculpture. I knew that I wanted to knit something. The first thing that came to my mind was an urban roof garden. I decided that I would knit a building and then put my plant on top with all kinds of knitted flowers and plants. I didn’t understand what a HUGE undertaking this was. I’m a fast knitter, but I’ve never knit on such short deadlines, and the building that I made is BIG. By the time the project was due, I thought that it was fine. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but I was willing to let it go. My teacher told me that if I wanted, I could expand the project and count it towards my first two sculptures. I decided to do that. The assignment for the second sculpture was to make something as big as your body, so I had to figure out a way to make this building a lot bigger. I hung it from a metal stand (that I bent and welded, yeah, pretty proud of that part). I really liked this idea of making a fire escape, but I didn’t want my sculpture to look like a diorama so I decided to make the stairs of the fire escape come down to the floor. After so many hours and many months, it’s done. And now it’s a thing outside of me and I’m really proud of it.

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