Internet Overload

Besides for a few posts that I put up in the last week, for spring break I took a bit of an internet holiday. I’ll be honest, a big part of the reason why I did this was because my computer has been flipping out (I took it to the Apple store and they replaced my hardrive, it was scary but it worked out), so I’m not trying to claim some kind of moral superiority. I’ve always loved the internet (I’ve been obsessed with stumbleupon and craftgawker mostly) but I’ve recently started following more blogs on a regular basis, blogging, tumblr-ing, and using pinterest obsessively. All of these things are awesome, except when there’s not  enough time in the day. Time management and balance are certainly things that I struggle with. So, for the last week, I didn’t “keep up” with any of those things. I checked them occasionally, but I didn’t feel pressure to get through it all, or be up to date on everything. And to tell you the truth, it was really nice. I spent time with my family, and I saw friends, and I just took a lot of deep breaths. I unplugged, and it was a welcome break. Of course, the flip side of all this zen-ness is that I now have hundreds of blog posts to catch up on. If only all of my problems were like this.


2 thoughts on “Internet Overload

  1. stelabird says:

    It’s always great to take an internet break! I have to do those every now and then.

    • sarahelana says:

      It was just so crazy how refreshing it was. I always think that I would die without the internet, but it’s awesome when you have things you want to do and people you want to be with more than you want to be on Pinterest.

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