Granny Squares

Just warning you before you start that this is kind of rambly and wordy, somewhat like word vomit. What can I say, it’s been a long week, and honestly even when I’m not tired I’m pretty rambly and wordy.

I definitely belong in the blogger hall of shame. I’ve just found it really difficult to post things lately (and I know that I haven’t posted the second round of yarnbombing pictures. I didn’t get great pictures and will have to get them from some other people, so it could take a while. If you want to see some more pictures of it though, I posted a few on instagram). First of all, I’m back home for summer, so packing up all of my things and getting them in storage and then moving back across the country was pretty horrible. I still have a few papers to do, but I can email them in and I was honestly just so finished with school and Boston that I needed to come home asap. Second, I’m having a lot of photography issues. I love beautiful pictures, but I really don’t have a good camera, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to use it. I’m interested in photography, but I’m really at the “fake it ’till you make it” kind of place. (Actually, next semester I’m signed up for a digital photography class, so hopefully this will only be temporary). Not really knowing anything about photography and being a ridiculous perfectionist don’t really go hand in hand. So, the posts get written but there are no pictures to go along with them. I’m going to try and put myself on a blogging schedule so it’s not so sporadic, because I really do love doing it. (Also, I’m much better at keeping up with instagram, and there are many  crafty photos. If you’re interested, my username is sarahelana).

From the blog so far, you would never know that I do crafts other than knitting. I promise I do, and I have some hopefully really cool tutorials coming up that have nothing to do with knitting. BUT, for today, I still have crochet. Maybe this is enough of a change of pace for you, I kind of lump them into the same category.

A little background on this project, and my crochet journey. I did just say that, and I sincerely apologize. From here on out, I will pinch myself every time I refer to it as “a journey.” First of all, I’m left-handed. Actually, all three kids in my family are left-handed, and my parents are both righties. I told this to one of my friends once and he told that I was probably adopted. I super appreciated that. Anyways, back to the story. I took a class to learn how to knit, and I knit English and don’t have any issues with it being very right-hand-centered. On the other hand, I taught myself how to crochet, and I do it left-handed. Since I’ve knit for so long and I have the dexterity and muscle memory, I’m really good at the actual motion of crochet, but it doesn’t mean I can follow a pattern, especially since by doing it with my left hand, I crochet backwards (or so people tell me). I’ve never really attempted a crochet pattern, but I LOOOOVVVEEE the groovyghan (here’s the link to my pattern page) and I had some yarn left over from yarnbombing, plus I bought some extra skeins to make a blanket, so I set out on my first real crochet project. Let me tell you, I am hooked. I absolutely love it. Crochet is really different than knitting, which will always be my first love. But crochet is such a fluid motion, and it goes so damn quick! The amount that I’ve crocheted in the last week would take at least double the time if I was knitting. I’m totally a fan of instant gratification. I’m just going to share a few instagram pics of it right now, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll take real pictures and post them. PS I’m going to Oregon on Thursday!!!! Super excited, and I promise I will do fun things and actually blog about them! Pinkie swear.

More to come soon, I already pinky swore.

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One thought on “Granny Squares

  1. Joan walker says:

    I am part of the older generation, I am disabled, therefore mostly housebound. I machine knit as well as hand to start my own shop. My son is rather offended at the moment He rebuilt my kitchen recently and is a bit cross because half my new cupboards are being used for storing yarn) I am filling a long term amibition at the moment. That is learning to crochet. Love it. I find it is taking over my life. There is a class in the village to which my daughter is taken me. Have actually finished a few projects, a scarf, a hat and am also making squares which one day will make up athrow for my daughter. If you receive this do get in touch. I don’t believe there is any age barrier for people with similar interests. Joan

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