Oregon and Update

I feel so bad that I haven’t posted anything lately, but things have been SO CRAZY. Usually, I feel super guilty that I don’t post when I’m not that busy, but let me tell you I have a good excuse this time. I started working last week and it’s insanity. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my summer job, but I’m working as a canvasser. Yep, I’m that person who knocks on your door and tries to get you to donate money to super amazing causes. For right now, I don’t really want to make this all about my work. Maybe I’ll talk about it more later. The most important part is that I work from 12:30 pm to 10 pm! And we go out after work every night, so I don’t get home until midnight. The work is super physical also so I’ve been just exhausted.

But I really wanted to share my Oregon almost two weeks ago. We went on a college visit for my amazing fantastic beautiful brilliant sister. It was amaaaaaazzzzinnnnng!!!!!! I love Portland so much. We both decided that neither of us are nearly cool enough to live in there, but I want to so badly. Here are some pics from our first day, at Lewis & Clark

David lounging in the sun while we waited.

The campus is gorgeous. You can see Mt. Hood peeking through the trees in the background

The reason why we got to go on this trip. My amazing twinzie looking beautiful

We parked right next to this adorable bug, which I’m guessing is a replica of the Love Bug. It was just too cute.

I have a ton more photos to share from the trip so I’ll probably do one or two more posts on it. Hopefully I’ll do some crafting over the weekend and share it, but hopefully everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend.


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