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Wooly Wednesday

It’s been a nearly  two month break, but I’m back, and hopefully with a vengeance (the good kind, not the kind where I murder everyone). I’m back in Boston for school, and the last month has been a haze of getting ready to leave, and leaving, and starting classes, all of which I know are fascinating for other people to hear. But before I bore you to tears, let me show you pretty yarn, and you can “ooh” and “ahh” all you like.

This piece of knitting is truly breathtaking. Not only is it beautiful, but I cannot really even begin to comprehend the technical skills that you need to have to design this.

via Pugnat

Lately, I’m all about the cables. Not in real life of course, but my imaginary closet is full of aran sweaters.


Pinned Image

I want this sheep. It’s really cute. That is all.

via Karena Goldfinch’s Flikr

Now, you might be saying to yourself, this is in no way a sheep, or wool related. I would tell you that you are correct. The more of these I do, the less sheep-y they seem to be. And let me tell you, I have resisted the cute animal craze for a long time, but I’ve finally caved. So here is a teacup pig for your viewing pleasure.


Colorful Stripes and Heart Print Curved Hem Long Sleeve Sweater pictures

This sweater has stripes, hearts, and a scoop neck, so it’s pretty close to perfect in my book.


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