Knit in Color KAL

Knit in Color 1_MG_1881 - Version 2

I am slightly late to the game but two of my lovely Instagram friends/knitwear designers (who are also an adorable sister-in-law duo) Andrea and Lesley are hosting a KAL for their new collaboration Knit in Color. I am generally against KALs because knitting on deadlines stress me out, but I love their patterns and I am all about supporting badass entrepreneurial women. I chose Pop Fizzle, which is a hat and therefore not a huge commitment. First step: color choices. I tend to have a difficult time choosing yarn so I got out most of my fingering stash that isn’t already committed to other projects, and started playing around. The pattern calls for a DK but I’m going to swatch fingering held double. Final decision: Tosh Sock and Lynai sock yarn in Bloom. Now to cast on.

Knit in Color 3


One thought on “Knit in Color KAL

  1. Andrea says:

    You are the sweetest!! So happy you decided to join and your color choices are gorgeous!! ❤

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