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Decorating My Dorm

At the end of last semester, I moved out of my dorm to a different room. My former roommate (who was also a close friend) and I had a huge falling out. It was messy and awful. I am not a very dramatic person, and I can honestly say that I’ve never ended a friendship with neither of us speaking to each other. It really sucks, and it was an incredibly traumatizing experience. Anyway, moving on to the point of this story. At the end of last semester, I moved from my double into a single in a different building. When I initially decorated my dorm, I did it with a lot of purpose and care. My freshman year, I’d bought a bunch of posters and really didn’t like them, so I made art for my room and found prints that I loved and really made my room home. When I moved to my new room, I hung some pictures, but other than that, I left the walls blank. I think that I was still processing things, and it just didn’t feel real or like this was home. Anyways, this has gone on for almost two months, and at some point I realized that it wasn’t going to feel like it was mine until I made it feel like it was mine. So last night, I covered one wall, and it feels so much better. I took some pictures, but they’re not very good. The light in my room sucks, but here it goes.

 Having a room that I like doesn’t make what happened last semester go away, but it does give me a fresh start.

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