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Belated Wooly Wednesday


via Pinterest

Cable Knit Pillow Sham in Wool
White and Dark Grey Sleepy Owl  Patterned  Felted Wool Lamb Wool Stuffing Home Decor Nursery Eco Friendly Upcycled Height 7"
Birch Screen Printed Wool Log Pillow
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Etsy Monday

Owen the orange woodland fox - made to order by sleepy king

neon vintage bookends  //  chartreuse lime green  //  mid century bookend  //  books, home office, decor

via nashpop

Moustache Octopus Plush w/ Top Hat - Choose Colors

via cheekandstitch

Diaper bag STOCKHOLM Pale Turquoise and Ecru Striped/ Water Resistant

via Ikabags

tri-color wall hanging hoop //  'I Think We Should Try To Take Over The World' // gift art

via RugglesMade

Blue Tribe dress
Camera Plush / Pillow in Red, Tan and Brown Chevron by Yellow Heart Art
PRINT - He Broke the Silence
SALE Geometrical Illusion Printed  Leather Pouch  Tangerine
via Corium
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Etsy Monday

Here are some recent finds from Etsy. Enjoy!

Geometric Deer Brooch Neon 'Stag Head'

via SketchInk

Crafty Bird

via Geninne’s Art Store

GEOMETRIC - hand carved rubber stamp - a set of 5 mini  rubber stamps (rsm-geo)

via talktothesun

Typewriter Necklace - Gold plated Brass Miniature  Vintage Type Writer

via Baby Loves Pink

FREE SHIPPING Sale - Parachute Suitcase - Gocco Screen-Printed Card

via Two Guitars

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