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Tornado Blanket


Before my computer just shut down and I lost it, I wrote a witty and charming post about this blanket (now that it’s gone, I get to pretend that it was witty and charming and no one can say it wasn’t). Lesson of the day: save your damn work. It’s okay, I’ll recover eventually from the emotional trauma that this has inflicted. This is a blanket that I’m making for my Bubbe (the Yiddish word for grandma). She has been let’s just say unhappy with my lack of knitted gifts to her (considering there have been many proposed projects but no finished products). That’s all about to change. I’ve dubbed this “The Tornado,” and I’m excited about making it. This pattern is from Woolly Thoughts. All of their patterns are based on math, and they’re fabulous. Back to the Tornado. My Bubbe and I have different tastes in color (VERY different tastes), but the pattern is interesting enough that I can ignore it. 

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